Valentine’s Day

It’s almost here again. It will be 6 years that I have been collared. Sigh…I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I haven’t been able to wear my collar as much as I have wanted. With my neck injury it’s painful if I wear it too long. It rests right on the spot that is always so tender. I have asked Sir if he would please buy me something like a bracelet or better would be an anklet. Maybe he will surprise me with something nice?

We got a gift card for Christmas to a local restaurant, so we plan to go there for Valentine’s day dinner. I guess I should call and reserve a table. That place will be very busy.

In the meantime…I am in bed for the day trying to recover from a bad dizzy spell that is not going away as I had hoped. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging. It’s so hard to type when my fingers and brain don’t want to listen to each other. Thankfully I have spell-check  🙂

Happy Heart Day!

It’s Valentine’s day. It’s also our collaring anniversary. It was 5 years ago today that Sir gave me a pretty box(which I still have), and inside was my beautiful collar. I had asked to be collared about a year before, but he didnt think I was ready. I had showed him sites with collars that I liked. We even tried on some collars at the local Sex Show, but walked away not buying one. I started to think he didnt want to collar me. Then it finally happened. I was totally surprised. I honestly didnt see it coming.

The feeling I had when he placed that collar around my neck was pure love. I knew at that moment, that I would belong to him forever. That nothing would ever take me away from him. In the last 5 years we have had a few problems.We worked them out and we carry on, together. If anything, we have grown closer. We are best friends. There will never be anyone else for me.

I am his, and he is mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sir.