May 1st

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Can’t believe it’s already May. I feel like I am finally crawling out from under this blanket of fog I have had around me since last October. I still haven’t gotten back to a normal routine, but I am trying. Just hard to get back to being a sub after all this time. Maybe Sir and I can work on it this weekend. I need to learn to say yes Sir and no Sir again. We have been Vanilla a bit too long.

So, I think my blog needs a new look. A different color? New theme? I don’t know. It needs something. Any ideas?



Life Goes On…

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It was a tough week. Did a lot of crying. I still need more time, but each day it gets a bit better. My heart is healing. Tho, it is a slow process. Done much thinking of life. How I can make mine better. Change how I live, how I eat, how I talk to people. Just everything in general. Make life mean something more than just existing. I guess we all think about these things when death is so close to your heart. I just hope that when I die, people will remember the good things about me.

Just a Blur

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Life is just a blur right now. Hoping that it will clear up soon.