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I have been so relaxed and happy since Sir and I changed the rolls we have to Daddy and babygirl. Seems we have just fallen into it. :)

My frustration of always trying to be sub and please him is gone. Now I think about how much I love my Daddy and how much I just want to be with him. With that, comes the wanting to please him. Not the feeling of “I have to please me” Which was a stress for me. I really didn’t realize it until I let that go.

I am actually starting to feel more like my old self again.

One thing tho, I am not sure I want to be called babygirl. I like babydoll a lot more. Or maybe we will come up with something else.

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Daddy’s Home

I missed him so much. So glad he is home again. I was bored and lonely. He was so tired when we got home, he fell asleep on the couch.

Not sure what will happen this week. He has a lot of studies to do. So I might have to amuse myself in the evenings. hmmm….what to do?


Day 2 of Singleness

It’s day 2 with out Daddy Sir. I survived the night. I slept great! Zonked out at 10pm..LOL

Dog woke me up at 7am, he needed out. Coffee alone on the deck. Watched all the birds getting busy with their daily routine. It was nice. Had a video chat with Daddy. Now getting ready to go out. Gonna visit Mom for coffee then who knows? Maybe go to the Mall, do a bit of shopping. Or come back home and have a movie marathon. I might just change my mind and do something completely different. I have no idea what the day will bring.

Dog says we should go to the park…lol  Typical dog!

Have a great day!

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Fisting Friday

It’s friday, but no fisting today :(.

Daddy is gone for the weekend. And there was no time for a spanking yesterday. SO I will be getting one when he gets home Sunday. :)   I’m not sure if I will continue with Fisting Friday. Will see if Daddy Sir wants to change things.

I did a bit of tossing and turning last night. It was different sleeping alone. I can handle the day, but the night is a bit lonely. The house sure is clean..lol

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All Alone

Sir is heading off for a last-minute trip. I’ll be alone for 3 days. Oh what will I do?? I’m excited but yet? Sir and I have only spent 2 nights apart since we married. We always sleep together no matter what happens. I’m going to miss him.

I drop him off at the airport tomorrow, then what do I do? I plan to come home and snuggle with Mr.D(dog) and watch a movie. As for the rest of the weekend, who knows? I’ll find something to do.

I do know one thing, Daddy plans to give me a good flogging before he leaves :) Happy girl!



Well, I think I am just about done with it. Getting sick of all the creepy guys that message me. And then there are the stalkers. I don’t really need them in my life. I did think that there was a  lot of useful info there, but I can get everything I need from my friend Mr.Google.

I will deactivate my account and take a break for a bit. I would rather concentrate on being a good Babygirl for Daddy Sir.

Just having the blog, twitter and Google plus is good enough for me. :)  Oh and my porn. Cant forget my porn. hehehe

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Bruised Butt

I have bruises on my butt cheeks. I like it. :)

That is all.


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