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What Next?

SO, this week was different.

Let’s start with seeing the bone cracker. He did give me some relief, but the back is not willing to get better. I try to do some stretching/yoga but it makes no difference. I have called my Doctor, but I can’t get to see him until next Tuesday. The rest of this week has been…stressful. Sir’s Dad is not doing so good. He has been here during the day. He is confused and needs to have someone with him all the time. Since I don’t work, I get to hang out with him :)  But it’s not easy being happy with I have so much pain.

As for the sex, hahaha, not happening. Too much going on right now. And I am getting fat! eeeek! Ok, not fat, but I have gained about 5 lbs. I need to get rid of it. Just so hard to do when the back doesn’t work right. Maybe it will be better next week.


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Bone Cracker

I’m off to see the Bone Cracker. It’s what we call the chiropractor around here. I’m hoping he will be able to give me some relief from the pain. I spent all weekend in bed and on the couch. Sir had to make the meals and take care of the shopping. I wasn’t able. I can honestly say that “I HATE BEING IN PAIN!” fuck fuck fuckity fuck! It’s so frustrating. The only way I could relieve the pain was to take prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers. I was a dopey Babygirl. Sir teased that he was going to use me while I was knocked out. Said that he doesn’t need me to be awake as a cum dump. :) How sweet! LOL

OK, time to get this old body up and moving. Let’s hope for a better week.

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I Never Learn

I just can’t seem to get it through my head that I am not supposed to lift heavy items.

I have messed up my back once again. I am so tired of always hurting my back. I finally saw my Dr. and he has arranged for me to have an MRI. Maybe figure out what is always giving me so much pain. My back has been a problem since I was very young. Over my life I have done some stupid things and have had a lot of injuries. I also took a lot of beating in my past relationship. So who knows what has caused all the back problems.

I really need a message. Wonder if going for massage therapy would help?  I know that doing yoga has improved it some what, but not enough to get rid of the daily pain.

*sigh* I guess I am flat-out on the bed today.

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Sunny Days

This week was a bit of a mess so I didnt really have anything to blog about. Just doing stuff around the house and been figuring out what colours to paint the place. After 10 yrs of living here it’s time for a change. I cleaned up the deck and got most of the solar lights put away. Winter is coming and the sunny days are limited. I noticed that the trees out back are starting to thin out, losing their leaves. The night air has gotten cooler. Perfect for evening walks around the park. Maybe a blow job too? “Oh Daddy! can we go for a walk?”  hehe


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BB and a Crop

What could be better than watching Big Brother in bed and having Daddy Sir use the crop on my ass. hehehe. I know I enjoyed the evening.

I am hoping that I get more of the same this evening. :)

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Last Update

Dad is going great. He is up and walking, eating, talking. He gets to go home today. He will need some help for a while. It was a close call, but he made it. Sure is scary when someone you care about is lying in a hospital bed and there is nothing you can do but wait. It’s such a relief that things are better now. Let’s hope that he will stay good and not have this happen again.



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Sir’s Dad is doing better. Got his pacemaker in and has been up and talking. We are all very happy and relieved. Looks like he will make a full recovery. He will be losing his Driver’s Licence. It’s too dangerous for him to be driving. I guess I might end up being his driver. He should be out of the hospital in a few days. Now we have to figure out if he can be on his own or will need a home care nurse. Guess we will see how it goes.


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