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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Yup! It’s hot today. We are having a bit of a heat wave the next few days. I don’t mind warm days, but when the air is so hot that you can taste it, that’s a bit much for me. No problemo! Just turn on the AC. hehehe.  So glad we bought an AC unit a few years ago. It definitely helps on these hot days. There will be no cooking inside. BBQ is my friend. :)

I think we are heading out to the Park this evening to listen to the free concert. Nothing special, just some local band playing. Hope you are all enjoying the weather.

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Thanks for the input yesterday. It does help to know there are people out there that understand. I will renew my domain for another year and see how it goes. Hopefully things will improve.



I need to know if people really read my blog. If you do, can you please let me know in the comments.

I’m at a point where I think that there is no reason to have this thing. I know I havent been posting about “D/s” like I used to. My life has changed so much over the last few years. I’m not even sure if I will be a full-time sub again. Maybe it will only be a bedroom thing. Sure I can blog about what we did in bed, but do you really care?

I have had so many health issues and Then having family sick and dying. It’s just been a bit too much all at once. I’m working on getting myself back to who I was, but I keep getting stuck in the mud. I climb out, walk a bit and there is more mud. I don’t want to be blogging about my daily struggles. Nobody wants to read that on a so-called “sex” blog.

I’ve thought about changing my blog to just be a vanilla blog with a bit of sprinkles on it. Might be the way to go for now. What would that mean? Well, you would actually see more posts about me in my real life. Things that I like to do. Pictures that I take. Some times I will vent and other times it will be my opinion on certain topics. You know, just normal everyday stuff.

So, please let me know what you think and if you really do read my blog, just a quick comment would help me make my decision.


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