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Fisting Monday?

Yes, I do believe so! Daddy fisted me when he got home. It was so good. I love it! Cant you hear me yelling it at you? I LOVE IT! hehehe. Hope there will be a fisting Tuesday. Or maybe I will get it every day this week. Oh man that would be so awesome!!!

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Nipple Play

I was over on pinkcherry checking out all the new toys when I came across a few new nipple toys. I like the nipple vises. They look like fun.

Nipple Vises

Nipple Teasers

Nipple Lassos

Or maybe you need these! Nipple Plungers! or this  Boobie Beanie hahaha!

Whatever! I think they would all be fun to play with.



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Some times having a talk with your partner is a very good idea. Sometimes getting angry and blowing up, it not a good idea. Yeah I blew up. Seems I do it about 3 times a year. Sir says that I bottle up everything. He is right. I do bottle things. I use to talk to Sir about everything. Some where along the road, I stopped. Why? Not sure. Don’t really have the answer to that. I’ve been trying to figure out.

The point is, Sir and I are having a bit of a stressed time. There are some very personal issues that I can’t talk about here. We have been together a long time and we will always be together, but we need to work on things so that we can get back to where we use to be. My depression doesn’t help.

If I don’t blog often, you know why. I will try to blog when good fun things happen.  :)



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Doing the Turkey

Oh yeah gonna do the turkey. Fitsting the turkey! hehehe. No, not really. We are doing a turkey roll this year. It’s so much easier and it tastes good. Yup, it’s turkey day tomorrow. Sir and I are celebrating alone today. We did my family Thanksgiving dinner last week. I would have loved to have the kids here, but they are both working today. It’s ok, I like when Sir and I have the day to ourselves. We are popping a bottle of red and both in the kitchen cooking up an awesome dinner. I am pulling out the nice dishes and the candles. I might even wear something nice. Or maybe I will be naked at the table.

This does screw up my diet, but I can have one cheat day.

Happy turkey Day!


Fisting Friday

I know it’s fisting friday, but I am not feeling so great today. My depression is full on today. No idea why. OK, that’s not really true. I do know why. I have been dwelling in the past again. I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes the old brain decides to go there and doesn’t leave until it’s done making me feel sad and breaking my heart all over again. *sigh* it’s tough to escape the memories.

Doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself that it’s over, forgive yourself, move on there is nothing here. It still comes to the surface and it’s like it all just happened yesterday. Will it ever change? will I ever forget? Probably not. For years I drank the memories away. keeping the brain numb is what helped me. But now I only drink a couple of glasses of wine in a week. Yeah I did the sober up thing and tried to deal with it all. For the most part I did deal with it all. I just can’t seem to let it go and for get it.

Oh well, such is life. Moving on….

Maybe Daddy will spank it all out of me later. :)


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Hump Day

This week is almost over. yippee. Naw, not really. It’s been a boring week. Just doing stuff around the house. The usual wifey stuff. My days are a bit messed up now that I am on call  for the father in law. So, a lot of the things I want to do, have to wait. Can’t really start any new projects right now. I have started working on the Master’s Pet story again. Tho, I am having a problem with it. I think I might have to go back and change the last chapter I posted.

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month. I’m getting old :P I don’t look my age, but I sure do feel it in the body. Still can’t get rid of the back pain. And I think the yoga is making it worse.

Anyways, I am spending the day doing a Dexter marathon. I am on season 6. So far it’s been great.


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Fisting Friday

Yup, yup! It’s friday again. And it’s fisting friday! wooohoo! It’s been a while, but I think we are slowly getting back to the routine.

Since I have figured out what and who I am again, things are so much better. Relaxed and easy. No more wondering what I should do. I guess I should be thanking the x-friend for helping me figure it out. LOL. He definitely made it clear for me. And I am so over that issue. Moving on!

I am stating to think I need to change the lube we use. Normally we use silicone lube, but I find that it takes a lot to get it out of the pussy and that I’ve become a bit sensitive to it. It’s great for anal sex. I need something that is free of all the crap ingredients cause I am so sensitive to all those things.  I usually don’t like the water-based lube, but I guess I will have to find one that works for me.

Any ways, I’m off topic. Lets get back to fisting. hehe. I’m actually really excited about it. It feels so good. Best orgasms ever! What I don’t get it when talking about fisting, why must the question be asked? “DO you squirt?” FUCK, come on people! What does fisting have to do with squirting? NOTHING. Yes it’s true that some women squirt from fisting, but I don’t. Wanna know why? Cause I have a fucking fist in my cunt! There is no way I can squirt when a fist is in the way. OK, truth be told, I have never squirted. I’m just not able to do it. Oh I know, “you are not hitting the g-spot” “let me show you”. Yeah, no I don’t think so mister. I know my body and I am not squirting for anyone. Plus it looks messy..lol

Happy Fisting Friday!



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