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Fisting Friday

Have you ever used Flickr to find naughty pics? There are so many! It’s crazy what people will post. I guess they think nobody will “steal” their pics. Yeah, a bit naive. I have some pics on there but I do watermark them. I also never post face pics or full body shots. Anyways, I found some great fisting groups with some amazing pics. Go check it out.

I think it will be an Easter fisting weekend! Maybe I’ll hide eggs for Sir…hehehe I have the perfect place for them.

Hope you all have a good Easter weekend, no matter what it is you are doing.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter (Photo credit: nolnet)



Do you keep a journal?

I use to always write everything in my journal. Until one day my mom read it. I stopped doing it for about 8 years then started again. Then my boyfriend at that time read it. I stopped again. 10 years later and I started again.  Since I have been with Sir I go through stages where I write daily for months and then just stop for a few months and start p again. Well I have started again after a year of not writing. I guess I didn’t want to write about all my health problems I was going through.

I like to use paper journal and actually use a pen. Yeah I’m old school. I have tried doing it online but I just can’t get into it. I like to curl up in bed and write. Having no distractions. I’m not worried about Sir reading my journal. I don’t hide how I feel about things. If he reads it and doesn’t like what I have said, that’s on him, not me. I write whatever comes to my mind.

So, do you journal? If you do, is it online or in a book?

I’m curious.

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Moody Monday

I am feeling a bit moody. I could actually rip the head off a doll. But what would it help? nothing. So, I have to accept the hand dealt to me and move on. I wont bore you with the crap in my world. Let’s just said that it’s crap and the shovel isnt big enough.

Moving on… what’s for dinner?

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Fisting Friday

Sorry no fisting today. Family things have come up. Sorry folks.


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The Eggplant P2

So I guess some of my readers didn’t get the joke about the eggplant. The pic shows the size of the eggplant next to an egg. It’s small. If you read my blog then you know that it is tiny compared to the toys I play with. Sir was having a little joking fun with me. Maybe the way I said it, didnt make sense? I dont know. I thought it was funny. Whatever.

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The Eggplant

On Friday, after work, Sir stopped to grab some groceries. He got home and we put all the food away. Then pulled me for a kiss and whispered in my ear, ” I bought and eggplant that is going to go in your hole. We wont be doing anything else until it fits.” I felt the excitement in my tummy. The thought of pushing an eggplant into my pussy got the juices flowing. Sir teased a bit that maybe it would go up my ass too. No, no no was my answer, It will get stuck or lost and I will have to go to the ER. We laughed.

Then out of no where, he pulled out the eggplant. Oh the horror!!

I looked at it. I looked at him. I looked at it again then back to him. “oh I’m not sure I can handle the size.”    Click for pic!

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Fisting Friday

Here we are again. Fisting friday. Yes people, that’s right! Good old friday. Seems to happen weekly..hmmm.

Anyways! Hope you all had a good week. Mine started out bad, but got better. I’m ready for the day. Oh yes my people! Praise be to the fist! Amen!

Ok  enough of that. Today we are going to fist. What is fisting you ask? Well, it’s when you get a hand inside your body. Most women enjoy a fist in the pussy. Men take it up the ass. Some women like that too. I, myself enjoy it in the pussy. “oh how gross!”, some may say. While others rub their hands together and say “mmmmmm!” (with an evil grin).

The first I had it done to me I was scared. I thought, “no way! It wont fit!, It will get stuck, and the most obvious one, “it will hurt”. I was wont on all accounts. Yes it fit. Took some work but it fit. It did get stuck, but only cause I orgasmed and tightened up. I let my captive go once I relaxed. Did it hurt? No sir! It was amazing!!!  Now, not to say that you wont have pain. I have had some fisting that did hurt, but that was only because it got too rough or not enough lube was used.

Lube, lube, lube! You need lots of it. I have tried many different lubes and the best one is silicone lube. I use ID Millennium most of the time. I also like Swiss Navy. The reason I use silicone is because it feels better and I don’t get a bad reaction from it. There is one water based lube called IO Hydra, that I like, and the only reason is that its free of all the crap that my tender pussy hates.

Many people do the fisting with bare hands. I prefer latex gloves. Why? Well there are a lot of germs under the finger nails and if those nails aren’t trimmed, ouch! They can cause cuts inside and that can lead to an infection. Yes, it does happen. Sir always wears gloves. Plus, it’s turn on when he puts them on and tells me “it’s time for an exam”. hehehe!

Disposable gloves; Einmalhandschuhe, medizinis...

That should do it for our fisting lesson. Any questions?



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