Food Shopping

Some times I hate shopping for food. Sir doesn’t like to take me with him. I’m a label reader. Yes, I am one of those shoppers that has to read what I am actually putting into my body. All this processed food out there is really kinda gross. I like to eat real food.Fresh veggies and fruits. Not canned or dried out crap. I don’t even like frozen, unless I have no choice. I found out that I have IBS, and  am allergic to Wheat, Wow has my diet changed. Wheat, is in so many foods. Places that I would never think of putting it. But there it is. So, yes, I have become a label reader.

Why am I complaining about this? I don’t know. Maybe cause I am annoyed at those people who think they need to avoid gluten only because they “think” that is their problem. And when you ask “did you see a doctor?” They say ” No, I just know I am allergic to gluten, my friend has the same problem.” “Did she see a doctor?”  ” No but her friend has the same problem too”. COME ON! SERIOUSLY!??

Grab some brains people!! Go see a fucking doctor. Go to an allergists. Get the fucking tests done!  Yes it bothers me a bit on how stupid people can be.

Ok, I vented.

So when Sir and I go food shopping, I try to not read as many labels. Stick to the outside isles, it’s safe there.

New Photos!

Sir gave me a task today. Wear my butt plug, but to do something non sexual at the same time. This sounds simple but it’s not. Trying not to get excited about a toy in my ass is difficult. So, I decided to play dress up! I put my plug in the ass and then started to dig around in the closet. It was fun! I haven’t done that in a long time. So here is one of the pics I took.

New Image



It’s finally cooled down a bit. I love the heat, but not when it’s so hot that you can’t do anything. We are off to get a few things done this afternoon, then back home to get naked. I would like to get some new nude pics of me, but that is up to Sir. Maybe go on cam this evening and have some fun. Maybe go for a walk and find a place to have a bit of fun. Blow job in the park? hehehe. Who knows what the day will bring. I know one thing for sure is that I need porn at some point today.

Need a drink?



Fisting Friday

It’s here! Friday! Oh yeah!

This week has been very hot. Not much sex in this heat. But the rain is on the way so it will be cooling down. It will be fisting in the evening today.

I have never been able to get fisted in this position as in the picture below. I am wondering why? I find that it’s actually a bit painful. But I do love to get fucked doggy style. Hmmm, weird, right?





Things I shouldn’t Do

I have decided that I need to make  a list of things I should not do anymore. It might help remind me that I really need to stop doing certain things in my life. Maybe I will have to put it on my blog.

Why am I doing this? Well, I want to be a better sub for Sir. Mostly I am trying to keep on the right path. Health wise and emotionally too. The past 2 years have not been easy. I had some very scary health issues that could have really gone bad, fast. Luckily, my doctors were able to help me, though, I still have to do yearly tests. In return, I need to take care off myself and make sure that I stay healthy. That’s why I need the list. To make sure I stay on track.

Ok then! This should be an interesting list!

Fisting Friday

Friday is here! Yeah!! You know what that means…. FISTING!!!!!

I’m ready! Do me Daddy! hehehe. Yes I am a bit hyper. Too much coffee I guess. I just love getting fisted. Love the feel of Sir’s hand slowly going inside me. Deeper and deeper until POP! his entire fist is in. After that moment I am lost. I just go with what ever he does. I love it. I think I said that already, but who cares! I love love love it!

I am still thinking about trying anal fisting. Yes I know some of you think “EEEWE GROSS”, and yes it can be if its not done right. But I am one of those type of people that is very very picky about hygiene. Everything has to be clean. Not just clean but CLEAN. Know what I mean? yeah you know. So maybe I will do it. Or not.