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Venting, sort of…

Some days are hard. Other days are easy. Today is a tough one. I don’t know why I am so hard on myself. I was planning  on doing a bit of laundry, change the bed sheets and that was all. Things changed. I’ve done nothing but clean the house since 9am.  It’s 2pm now and I give up. Wine time. Pass the bottle. I can’t get this finished.

I bet it sounds like my place is a pig sty, it isn’t.  I am trying to get rid of some clutter, just cant seem to part with some stuff. I feel like I am constantly getting rid of stuff. As soon as some is gone, more shows up. Either its clothes from mom or furniture from some other family member. I hate having the recycle in the kitchen, just no other place to put it. It takes up room. The worse is my plants. During the summer I have them outside on the deck, but in the winter they all need to come in and they all want to be by the window. Well I only have a double sized siding door where the light comes from. It’s not easy trying to get them all close to it. I figure a few are going to die this winter. We don’t have enough light for all of them.

I never had this much stuff when we moved here! What happened?? LOL

Yeah, venting about the silly little things in life.


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Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Halloween.

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Autumn is Here

I just can’t believe how fast this year has been going by. It’s definitely been tough year so far. Dealing with sick and dying family members. Not easy losing my life long friend. But, I am moving on. My father in-law is doing about the same. Not sure how much time we will have with him. He looks weaker every time I see him.

I have been getting better with my health. Doctor has lowered my Wellbutrin again. He says that I can go off of it after winter. So that makes me happy. The anxiety is better too.  Still having back and neck pain, but that is something that will always be apart of my life. Other than those issues I would say I’m doing pretty good.

I’ve been spending less time online. (One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging).  I didn’t realize how much extra time I have to get things done when I don’t spend all day online.

Well, with winter on the way I always look for a project of some sort to keep me busy. This winter I am painting our home. One room at a time. Want to make sure I do a good job, so no rushing to get it done. I wanted to this last year but life got in the way. I’m hoping that nothing will get in the way this winter. When the painting is done, then I will have to find something else to do.

Sir and I are still on the vanilla side for now. I think that will change when his life slows down. Maybe we can get back to D/s when he finishes certain things in his life. For now we just do whatever works.

I am thinking for doing some posts on some of the different kinks I have been curious about and watched some porn on the topics that has made me very wet. Also wondering if just posting pics would be good? Sometimes when I am out I will take pics of weird things and think I should post them, but then I forget. And do you really want to see the odds and ends that I snap pics of? LOL


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